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Cities in hilly regions of Indian subcontinent, of which Himalayan cities constitute a major part, are growing at a rate faster than cities in the rest of India. The general and generic ills that plague Indian urban sector apply to cities in hilly regions in equal measure with added constraints of challenging topography and limited financial and human resources. However approaches and solutions required to address these challenges in mountain cities are often at a variance from those applicable in the plains due to geographical, topographical, economic and demographic realities that are much too different.

Informed, concerted and resolute action is needed to find sustainable solutions to urbanisation challenges, in various spheres of urban planning and management, unfolding in the mountains before it is too late for cities therein to successfully overwhelm them and flourish. urbanfutures2019 will bring together key stakeholders from various parts of the world to take stock of urbanisation challenges in the mountains and assess the technology, skill, governance and resource gaps that need to be bridged to turn the tide in favor of future generations who will come to live in these cities.